Professionalism of high level, great passion, inexhaustible curiosity with a great ability to give a real importance to teamwork.
Young and tight-knit, Metamorfosi’s team is the perfect example that following the precise and enthusiastic guide of chef Roy Caceres is possible to achieve, whit continuity, excellent performance.

Every recipe offer emotions and ideas on gastronomicals choices that want surprise and show the great motivation for the innovation.

Every menu is a choral narrative route that respect and make the best identity and taste of ingredients, products and linking.

Every personality of Metamorfosi’s team is a guest of his success.

John Regefalk

Sous chef

From 4 years right- hand man of Roy Caceres . Swedish, traveller tireless, a great broad-minded kitchen, opens to taste and world’s flavors , rich of contaminations and passion. A big passion for a fundamental basic element to put on the table: the bread.

Paolo Abballe

He’s the backbone of Metamorfosi, when he works from inauguration in 2010. The wine like culture and passion, like expressive way of emotions, flavors, never-before-seen tying, really careful identified, never convicts.

Diego Caceres


He was a chef, from 4 years is a patissier, since was born Metamorfosi’s project. He loves design and makes amazing desserts that are surprising for the capacity to mixer exotics and south americans routes with occidentals flavours.

Juan Alberto Faus Garcia

Maître d’outside
He’s spanish, with high internationals experiences, a professional way that in past worked with Roy Caceres.

Ciro Scamardella

Chef de Partie
He’s neapolitan, fancy and outgoing spirit, get in touch with the Metamorfosi’s project with a stage. Post foreigns experiences that strengthen the creativity and his evolution.

Roberto Agostini

Chef de Partie
New entry into the team thanks an internship with a past management experience of kitchen. He come from Umbria, a style who return and develop the traditional italian gastronomy.